How we do it

Customized Asset Allocation

We design an asset allocation appropriate to your risk preferences, income needs, and the current global market environment. While the core of your portfolio is comprised of different fixed income securities, your overall asset allocation will include other types of assets where yield can be found. We actively seek out asset classes with no or low correlation with your portfolio core, both to diversify sources of return and to lower total portfolio volatility. Investing judiciously across many different asset types in small allocations can result in a higher yielding portfolio with lower overall risk.

Mindful Security Selection

We research and select securities for each asset class that we believe to be the most effective means of investing in that asset class. These include, but are not limited to, individual bonds and stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), closed end funds, individual partnerships, and non-publicly traded securities. We emphasize safety, liquidity, and transparency across all security selections.

Continuous Management

While the core of your portfolio is generally buy and hold, many of the smaller allocations to other asset classes have periods of relative richness and cheapness. Such asset classes may be over or underweighted in your portfolio to take advantage of these periods. All positions are closely monitored and managed to ensure they are meeting their objectives within the portfolio. Rebalancing - the practice of adjusting your portfolio back to its original desired risk preference - occurs only when needed. As the value of your investments fluctuates, your portfolio can diverge from your desired risk preferences. Consistent rebalancing will help ensure your portfolio risk and diversification objectives are maintained over time.

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